The Contract for Change Strategic Partner role is a more significant role supporting the development and implementation of the Contract for Change programme. An overview of the Strategic Partner role, including current Strategic Partners and their responsibilities can be found HERE’

Value Match reflects our belief that all organisations must be purpose focused and value driven, if as a society we are going to address social and economic inequality and positively impact our environment The Value Match Model enabled us as an organisation to codify how we currently operate and provided our core values and provided a decision-making framework We can be part of the solution by redesigning how we operate, what we focus upon; building new approaches and capability to positively impact society and the environment Procurement is our core capability and we believe it is a driver and accelerator for change across private, public sector and civil society.

At Value Match we are always conscious of creating value for people, relationships, community, and environment. We can do this through the services we offer and our charity work Value Match offers a multitude of services with value always at the centre of how we operate these services include:

  • Resourcing – Matching Talent with Opportunity
  • Consultancy – Matching Expertise with Purpose
  • Training – Matching Capability with Knowledge
  • Bid Management – Matching Suppliers with Buyers
  • Sustainability, Diversity & Social Impact – Matching Impact with Value

Founded in 2018, Supply Change connects organisations looking for goods and services with social enterprise suppliers who can deliver quality and a positive impact. We do this through our platform of pre-vetted social enterprises and social procurement services, including spend analysis, impact assessment and events. Supply Change is a female founded social enterprise shortlisted by Natwest and Pioneers Post 3 years in a row as a top 100 social enterprise in the UK.

Our clients include Kier, Orbit, Camden Council, Wates, Coventry Council, Peabody, Durkan, Sovereign Housing, Clarion and L&Q.

The Social Value Exchange puts local community organisations at the heart of Social Value. We believe that local challenges need local, community led solutions, and our platforms – the Social Value Exchange and MatchMyProject – enable that vision. Our matching marketplaces bring together suppliers compelled to deliver Social Value with local community organisations delivering local place based outcomes. As a consequence of this matching, we both maximise the supplier Social Value commitments and ensure the benefits are felt where they are most needed in our local communities. It’s a win-win. 

Since 2016, we have worked with hundreds of local government organisations, suppliers and community organisations; this year we received this year’s (2022) CIPS award for Best Initiative to Deliver Social Value through Procurement.