I’m a member of ‘Contract for Change’ a thought-leadership group founded by Social Value UK.  It brings together procurement and sustainability professionals from all sectors to share their knowledge and help improve the way Social Value is delivered through procurement processes.

We really need your help. We’ve put together this short questionnaire to find out how people are currently working to create social, economic and environmental benefits through their procurement activity.

This is a major opportunity for our profession to make a significant contribution at a national policy level.   The results will be used to help understand how organisations currently implement social value; how professionals want to see things change in the future; and what resources and support they need to help them embed social value properly across their organisations.

Please take part in the survey and share it with your networks.

Click here to complete it:  https://forms.gle/yvQaxitLcXtdDnM79

As well as procurement professionals, we also want to hear from anyone who works within community benefits, societal benefits, sustainable development, added value, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Help us understand how social value is being delivered across the UK, and how it can be improved.

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